Membership Renewal

You can still apply for Supporters Club membership for the 2017/18 season.
Membership entitles you to discount on the buses to all away games.

A PDF form can be downloaded by clicking

         Raith Rovers Football Supporters Club ... is the official link between R.R.F.C. and the fans. Formed in 1926, the Supporters' Club is a major shareholder in Raith Rovers F.C Holdings Ltd.
         The aim of the club is to assist fans in their efforts to attend matches both home & away, and to encourage them to become involved in the club at times other than on match days.
         Most people support "the team", The Supporters' Club also supports "the club". Over the years we have received requests from The Rovers to assist in the purchase of equipment, and whenever possible we have been happy to oblige. During the Frank Connor years we helped with the purchase of suits for the players. We also stocked up the gym with up to date equipment for Jimmy Nicholl. The old shop at the rear of the main stand was converted into a laundry room with washing & drying equipment paid for by the Supporters' Club. And during the much publicised "Save the Rovers" campaign, members of the Supporters' Club spent many hours fundraising in shopping centres and supermarkets. In the last few years the Supporters' Club have contributed over £100,000 to help in the running of Raith Rovers Football Club.
      Members of the club come from all walks of life and all parts of the country, even the world. We have had large contingents from Sunderland, London and Northern Ireland as well as Australia and Canada. But the majority of the members are ordinary everyday people with one thing in common:-


Supporters' Bus Sponsor required   Click Here

    The Supporter's club are currently looking for a Sponsor for the Supporters' Bus.

    The Supporters’ Club organise suitable transport for Raith Rovers Supporters for most away games. With the recent financial downturn, this is becoming more and more expensive to run, and currently the only way to cover increased costs is to pass this on to the supporters who travel by bus. We have decided therefore to offer a sponsorship package to assist the continuation of this valuable service for the Rovers.

    For your sponsorship, you will have a plaque prominently displayed on the front and rear of the bus on all the roads to and from away games, and at the away grounds. Also, the sponsors name and logo will be on all Supporters’ Club headed notepaper in their official correspondence, and on the Supporters’ Club Website.

    To find out more, please email by Clicking above.